“I'm 27; I own a business; I am a commercial property owner, and it is all because a credit union gave me a chance.”

“Listerhill caught the vision of our business; they understood it and related to it.”

“Recently, we had a bill for $2,400 that HAD to be met immediately. All situations were fixed with speediness and courtesy I wouldn't have received from any other local area bank. Thank you Gayla and Betsy for everything! ”

Michelle Cox

“I've NEVER had such a major banking transaction go so smoothly and so quickly! Listerhill just won two new members and two new advocates in my wife and me.”

“The employees of Listerhill have always helped me with the heart of a teacher as opposed to just trying to sell me something. I appreciate that!”

“We have always had good service.”

“They're more of a family environment. They're willing to help you.”

“It's convenient. They're more personal than a large bank.”

“I've been doing business there for over 40 years and everybody is always really nice.”

“You’re not just a number or someone they see every other week. They actually know you and will ask you about your family. It makes you feel like you have a relationship with them.”

“They're always nice. They take their time with me and borrowing is easy!”

“They stood behind me the whole time and helped me out even though I had lost my job, knowing I would be back to work.”

“We love the feeling of being a part of a credit union. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We are always greeted with a smile and a desire to help.”

“They always have the answers to the questions I ask.”

“My credit union has excellent employees who show true compassion and professionalism!”

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What Is This?

How To Join

What Is This? How To Join

Who We Are

Here's why people love us

What is a credit union?

Quite simply, a credit union is a cooperative organization that is owned by its members and not shareholders; therefore, we are not-for-profit. Our structure allows us to return profits to our members through lower fees on products and services and higher rates of return for savings accounts.

What are the advantages of being a member of a credit union?

We offer personalized service and local decision-making in addition to most all the services you can find at larger financial institutions. Typically, fees are minimal and the rates offered are lower while the rates of return are higher.

Does a credit union offer the same services as a bank?

Yes! In many cases, you’ll find all the same services you find at a bank. We also allow the same convenient access to your funds as other financial institutions. In fact, at Listerhill we offer mobile banking, online banking, and bill pay services. And, deposits at nearly all credit unions are insured through a federal fund backed by the United States government, just like banks.

How can I join a credit union?

Credit unions originally formed to serve specific groups or industries, but in most cases are open to people that live or work in the local area—therefore, most anyone can join! Most credit unions require a minimal deposit into a share account to establish membership. You may typically view the credit union’s membership requirements online. See asmarterchoice.org to find a local credit union that’s right for you or click here to get more information on joining us at Listerhill. It’s easy!

Do I have access to a credit union when I travel?

In most cases, yes!  Many credit unions, like Listerhill, participate in a “shared network” that allows members to make transactions at other credit unions all over the world.  You can locate a credit union anywhere in the United States at cuswirl.com.

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How We Compare

We heart our members and we have the numbers to back it up

Deposit Products

Banks Credit Unions Listerhill
Regular Savings 0.07% 0.14% 0.45%
Interest Checking 0.07% 0.11% 0.075%
1 Year CD 0.25% 0.47% 0.45%
Money Market 0.10% 0.21% 0.075%

Mortgage Loans

Banks Credit Unions Listerhill
15-Year Fixed Conforming 3.410% 3.378% 3.75%
5/1 Year ARM Conforming 3.261% 3.202% 3.50%
HELOC - 80% LTV 4.66% 4.02% 5.00%

Consumer Loans

Banks Credit Unions Listerhill
Unsecured Personal Loan 10.37% 9.42% 7.99%
Auto Loan - 36 Months (new) 3.90% 2.41% 1.99%
Auto Loan - 60 Months (used) 4.28% 2.88% 2.99%

Credit Cards

Banks Credit Unions Listerhill
Platinum 10.76% 8.98% 8.50%
Annual Fee $48.60 $21.67 $0
Rewards 12.45% 9.97% 8.50%
Annual Fee $99.71 $28.63 $0

*Listerhill offers a Platinum Rewards Card that combines the advantages of both!

Rates listed are as of 5/19/15. For a full listing of Listerhill’s rates and disclosures, please click here.

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